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About Us

At Cute Clips, we put your pet's needs first and treat them with the same level of care we would want our own pets to receive.

Our Story

Cute Clips began in January 2022. It was brought about by the desire to bring peace of mind to pet owners all over Polk County. By the time Cute Clips came into being there had been several instances where pets had been harmed in grooming salons across the country. 

Pet owners did not feel safe or comfortable leaving their fur babies with groomers. Grooming salons often meant dropping your pet off for hours at a time, where they were then taken out of sight and behind a closed door where access to your pet was then cut off until the groomer called you to pick them up. You had to trust that your groomer would give your fur baby the same love and care that you would give them.

Often that was the case, groomers choose this field because of the love we have for the pets we work with. Then other times, it was not. In my 10 years of grooming, I've heard many, many horror stories of pets being harmed, neglected, or even losing their lives after being dropped off at the groomers.

These incidents have caused a break in trust between the pet parents and groomers. Many pet parents are terrified of leaving their pets and suffer great distress at just the thought of it. 

My intention with Cute Clips, LLC is to restore trust between the pet parents and the groomer. With in-home grooming, the walls and barriers between groomers are gone. You have complete access to your pet throughout every stage of the grooming process. You will never have to question or wonder how your pet is being treated again.

Your pet will not have to spend hours waiting in a kennel for their turn to be worked on. They will not have to deal with the stress of being away from home, and those who suffer from car sickness or have difficulty traveling due to age or health will have a much more pleasant grooming experience since they no longer have to leave their homes.

And that's not to mention how much better it is for the cats that need grooming. I've found cats respond exponentially better to in-home grooming vs salon grooming!

TL;DR: Take the stress out of pet grooming with Cute Clips in-home grooming!

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Meet the Team

Certificated Canine Esthetician

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